Garry Arzumanyan is an Armenian artist member of American Society of Marine Artist (ASMA) and National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society  (NOAPS) works and creates basically in a magic realism genre. He is one of the most innovative marine painters, who creates contemporary seascapes.  Mixing classic seascape with contemporary art , as he confess, he’s just capturing what his hearth feels and what says his unconscious.

“People say I’m a marine painter. I’m not a marine painter, I’m a dreamer whose dreams always involve women and sea. People say I do paint seascape. I do not paint seascape. I paint a man; a contemporary human; human with his strengths and weakness; A human with his dreams” – he said.

He call his genre «Contemporary seascape»,  while adhering in a contemporary seascape style, he insists the traditional representational seascape imagery behind.

And perhaps his sea-dream and sea-fairy-tale are more vital than reality?

The young painter is the very lone traveler of his paintings, the traveler who tries to find the mystery of heaven and earth, the crossing point of all the roads of the world and find and preserve the colors of his dreams, submitting them for time’s judgment.

Karine Avagyan