Garry Arzumanyan was born on May 2, 1986, in the city of Kapan.

He produces paintings in a mixed genre and his artworks are dominated by symbolism and delicate colors.

Since his early childhood, he has been in the habit of seeing human faces, figures, living creatures in the most ordinary things like on the walls of the buildings, in the sky, on the rocks.

Over time, this habit has not disappeared and with the process of growing up and sustainable psychological mechanisms, it has transformed into something more meaningful, yet not deprived of a child’s spontaneity. In this way he has acquired his own style of painting and the style of sea landscape, a little fantastic, but not without realism and made in the genre of realism, but still leaving space for imagination.

According to him, in his works the sky usually carries the main symbolic load by directing the beholder in the right direction, while the sea symbolizes life, its dangers, difficulties, along with its versatility and infinite splendor.

Captivated by the works of such quintessential painters as Aivazovsky, Garry Arzumanyan confesses to himself: “Aivazovsky’s greatness as a marine painter is unparalleled. Using his technique will mean irreverence towards his greatness. All the same, no one will ever portray the sea better than he”.

This is the painter’s honest formula for man’s creative life. He has held exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Ljubljana, Minsk as well as the USA, Australia and, of course, in his motherland-Armenia. Here is the road Garry’s paintings have taken since 2014. His private collections are displayed overseas-in the USA (New York, Atlanta, San Francisco), Italy, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Russian Federation.

The path, the lone traveler walking along it or the ship at sea hold pride of place in his artworks. The meaning of life, life experiences, the idea of solitude and the phenomenon of God-created life, in general, are the condensations of the painter’s philosophy on life, which his paintbrush depicts with new colors and in an entirely new fashion giving room for new reflections. If man, life and the world are visible to a painter, are with him or are by his side, then the painter – even grown up away from sea – is still surprisingly a seascape painter. Perhaps the sea-dream and sea-fairy-tale are more vital than reality?.

The young painter is the very lone traveler of his paintings, the traveler who tries to find the mystery of heaven and earth, the crossing point of all the roads of the world and find and preserve the colors of his dreams, submitting them for time’s judgment.

Karine Avagyan