Sometimes I ponder,“why resume?”, but in defiance of my eternally hesitant brain, my character quietly gives an appropriate answer and I, tacitly reformulating the well-known saying about singers, reply to myself “…since an artist is not the one who can paint but the one who can’t live without painting”.

Oftentimes I ponder why in three mutually exclusive styles?. Isn’t itthe mutually exclusivesubstanceswhich through a synthesis generate something new,something that you can by no means exclude?. This is what creation is all about: life out of nothing, which is fascinating in as much as it is strange…

I do love mutually exclusivephenomena, which, like a playfulloving couple, ultimately become one.

I have always loved exceptions and have to confess that I am seeking a password, a golden key, which will allow juxtaposing two incompatible things: realism and expressionism. To juxtapose the way good and evil,heaven and earth intertwine as a terrestrial proof that any stereotype, however strong it might be, is doomed to be broken someday…

I love it when rigid stereotypes are broken…And you know what? God willing, one day I’ll succeed in doing it too.


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