Garry’s Expos

  1. 1996 – Solo exhibition in Kapan, Exhibition of young artist Garry Arzumanyan
  2. 1996 – Young artists group exhibition, Armenia , Kapan
  3. 1998 – Young artists group exhibition, Armenia , Yerevan
  4. 2014- Solo Exhibition “Open Studios”, Armenia , Yerevan
  5. 2014 – present –   «Vernissage» permanent art fair, Yerevan,Armenia
  6. 2015 – «ArtExpoSPb» Art fair , Russia, Saint-Petersburg
  7. 2016 – “Tsoghik” Gallery, Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
  8. 2016 – “Искусство будущего” international art exhibition , Belarus, Minsk
  9. 2016 – Mondial Art Academia International Gallery Award Exhibition 2016
  10. 2016- Selected Artist USA National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society NOAPS International Spring 2016 Art-Exhibition,“Top 150 Artists”
  11. 2016- Artweek Russia Spring 2016, International Art Exhibition in Moscow, Moscow, Central Artists House, Krymskyi Val str. 10
  12. 2016 – Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, 530 West 25th Street, New York
  13. 2016 – Premio Combat 2016 Prize Competition, Livorno, Italy
  14. 2016 – 06.2016 Art Week in Slovenia, International Art Exhibition
  15. 2016 – Art Week in Serbia, International Art Exhibition
  16. 2016 – Accepted into Art Fest International festival Exhibition
  17. 2016 – Celeste Prize Art Competition
  18. 2016 – Accepted into Art Show “Best of America” Addison Art Gallery, USA,Orleans, Cape Cod
  19. 2016 – Selected Artist Fusion Art Waterscapes 2016 Art Competition
  20. 10-2016- Water Exhibition Award – Focus Point Shape International Art Gallery, 2nd place award
  21. 10-2016 – Selected Artist Mission to Seafarers Art Prize Maritime Art Awards and Exhibition 2016 ,717 Flinders str. Docklands, Melbourne, Australia
  22. 10-2016 – Selected Artist Colors of Humanity Art Gallery Show Landscape 2016.



  1. City competition for young artists – 1994 , Kapan, Armenia, Second place
  2. City competition for young artists – 1995, Kapan, Second place
  3. Regional competition for young artists – 1996 , Yerevan Armenia, First place
  4. International Competition for young artists after Jamuna Shankar – 1999 , New Dehli, India, Incentive prize
  5. International competition “Art of Future” , 03-2016,Minsk, Belarus, First Place
  6. Member of French artist association Mondial Art Academia
  7. Regular member of American Society of Marine Artists
  8. Member of USA National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society NOAPS
  9. USA National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society International Spring 2016 ArtCompetition, getting into“Top 150 Artists”
  10. Water Exhibition Award – Focus Point Shape International Art Gallery, 2nd place award


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Garry Arzumanyan
Yerevan, Armenia

mob: +374 (55) 53-19-91
SKYPE: GarryArtist

Oil paintings


Garry Arzumanyan is an Armenian artist member of American Society of Marine Artist (ASMA) and National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society  (NOAPS) works and creates basically in a magic realism genre. He is one of the most innovative marine painters, who creates contemporary seascapes.  Mixing classic seascape with contemporary art , as he confess, he’s just capturing what his hearth feels and what says his unconscious.

“People say I’m a marine painter. I’m not a marine painter, I’m a dreamer whose dreams always involve women and sea. People say I do paint seascape. I do not paint seascape. I paint a man; a contemporary human; human with his strengths and weakness; A human with his dreams” – he said.

He call his genre «Contemporary seascape»,  while adhering in a contemporary seascape style, he insists the traditional representational seascape imagery behind.

And perhaps his sea-dream and sea-fairy-tale are more vital than reality?

The young painter is the very lone traveler of his paintings, the traveler who tries to find the mystery of heaven and earth, the crossing point of all the roads of the world and find and preserve the colors of his dreams, submitting them for time’s judgment.

Karine Avagyan


Sometimes I ponder,“why resume?”, but in defiance of my eternally hesitant brain, my character quietly gives an appropriate answer and I, tacitly reformulating the well-known saying about singers, reply to myself “…since an artist is not the one who can paint but the one who can’t live without painting”.

Oftentimes I ponder why in three mix style ?. Isn’t it the mutually exclusive substances which through a synthesis generate something new,something that you can by no means exclude?. This is what creation is all about: life out of nothing, which is fascinating in as much as it is strange…

Since my childhood, I have been in the habit of seeing ocean waves in the most ordinary things like on the walls of the buildings or on the rocks. Over time, this habit has not disappeared and with the process of growing up and sustainable psychological mechanisms, it has transformed into something more meaningful, yet not deprived of a child’s spontaneity.

In my works the sky usually carries the main symbolic load by directing the beholder in the right direction, while the sea symbolizes life, its dangers, difficulties, along with its versatility and infinite splendor.

I do love mutually exclusive phenomena, which, like a playful loving couple, ultimately become one. I have always loved exceptions and have to confess that I am seeking a password, a golden key, which will allow juxtaposing two incompatible things: realism and expressionism, seascape and contemprorary art.

To juxtapose the way good and evil , heaven and earth intertwine as a terrestrial proof that any stereotype, however strong it might be, is doomed to be broken someday… I love it when rigid stereotypes are broken…

I love it when rigid stereotypes are broken…And you know what? God willing, one day I’ll succeed in doing it too.