2 place in Water Juried Art Exhibition

Water Juried Online Art Exhibition runs through October 29, 2016

Water Juried Online Art Exhibition ran through October 29, 2016, organized by Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery. Garry Arzumanyan took second place. It was great experience of bringing artworks to the attention of the art buying public.

First prize in Art Week Belarus

Garry Arzumanyan – First prize winner in Art week Belarus

International exhibition-competition of contemporary art Belarus Art Week was established in Minsk in 2010. There are different artists from all over the world participate in it. In spring 2016 Garry Arzumanyan took first prize in fantasy genre.

Art Week Slovenia

Garry Arzumanyan Art Week Slovenia

Garry was participate in Art Week Slovenia, 2016. It was a week of extraordinary experience, creativity and creativity. It is a new burst of energy for artist when he feel that his inner world in artwok was loved. And it is a big motivation.

Artist’s statement

“ I do love mutually exclusive phenomena, which, like a playful loving couple, ultimately become one. I have always loved exceptions and have to confess that I am seeking a password, a golden key, which will allow juxtaposing two incompatible things: realism and expressionism. To juxtapose the way good and evil , heaven and earth intertwine as a terrestrial proof that any stereotype, however strong it might be, is doomed to be broken someday… I love it when rigid stereotypes are broken…And you know what? God willing, one day I’ll succeed in doing it too. ”

Garry Arzumanyan